Brand Labour: Communicating Our Timeless Values in the Brave New World of 2020

  • Posted on: 11 January 2016
  • By: redshift


Red Shift's second report; "Brand Labour: Communicating Our Timeless Values in the Brave New World of 2020" will argue that Labour needs a ‘red rose’ moment. Our traditional values must remain rock solid. But we need a new story – and a new brand – to communicate just how our values will help Britain’s families win the fast and furious change reshaping the world around us.


Crucially, that we must communicate, not just what we're against, but what we're for.


This report will be launched on Monday 11th January in Parliament.


Looking for a New England

Understanding England as it is – Inspiring England as it could be

England is changing – and to win back power, Labour must change too.

At the last election, England decisively shifted blue. Now Labour needs a plan for a red shift.

We believe progressive parties win when we own the future.But too many people think we belonged to the past. The electorate is changing rapidly. The world of work is dramatically altered. Communities are changing shape. Generational shifts in values are under way. Many feel left behind. Yet vast new forces of trade and technology are speeding up.

So we need to go back to basics. To draw on the real experience and insights of English people today, inside and outside the workplace. To show how we can re-energise the ways Labour values can transform real lives.

Red Shift brings together a group of English Labour MP’s and activists determined to shine a spotlight on how England is changing, how peoples’ ambitions are changing – and how Labour needs to change to win.

The group will publish its first report – Looking for a New England - on the changing world of work and politics at party conference in September.